Maintenance and Utilization Policy

The Managing Agency of the college is represented by a Manager and an Administrator who are jointly responsible for development and maintenance of campus infrastructure. The college has multiple sources of finance including contributions and investment of funds by the managing agency, development assistance granted by the government, research funding by official bodies and the like.
Creation of physical facilities and academic support facilities are based on demand and request made by college authorities to the management, according to established procedure. The managing officials have to obtain assent from the managing council before implementing proposals involving huge financial commitment.
Most requirements are brought to the attention of the Principal by the Heads of Departments based on feedback and assessment of the needs for maintenance and up gradation of infrastructure. These matters are discussed in the statutory staff council meetings before forwarding the proposals to the Manager or Administrator. The college Administrator in charge is ably assisted by designated college officials and supporting staff. The services of skilled professors are also utilized for the maintenance of physical, academic and support facilities spread over different departments.
The Manager jointly with the Administrator takes up the maintenance of physical infrastructure including college buildings, class-rooms and laboratories. Routine maintenance of all equipments and machinery in the campus are enabled and overseen by service providers, contractors and hired workers. Wherever necessary, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, security staff, cleaning staff etc are appointed on contract basis with management funds. A full-time mechanic is available for looking after servicing and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment in the science labs.
Service or repair requests from the different departments, office and library are forwarded to the Administrator countersigned by the Principal and are usually attended promptly. Closed circuit cameras are installed in several parts of the campus and linked to a server in the Principals office. A private agency is contracted for replacement and repair of its hardware components. The college website is maintained with the support of reputed service provider.
The classrooms are allocated to different departments in a systematic way. Convenient rooms are allocated for student organs like NCC and NSS. The sports infrastructure such as the gym and basketball court are utilized on a regular basis by students and overseen by the Physical Education Teacher. The main Computer Lab has a contract staff who facilitates the scheduling of computer practical of different departments and document the same.

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