Daksha is a quadri lingual annual research publication of the Department of Oriental Languages.The culture of written manuscript marks the strength of progress of human kind.Daksha is the new face of progress.Here words represent strength and there is an abundant flow of thoughts.The fusion of different languages leaves imprint of cultural mutualism.Daksha stands apart from other publications by its unique representation of four different languages namely Malayalam,Hindi,Syriac and English.The authors have successfully laid out individual perceptions and findings on matters relevant in the current scenario.The articles rooted to reality justifies the name `Daksha”.The first volume of daksha was published on 1st November 2019.The journey begins with an entertaining prelude with articles on grammar,novel,shortstory,skit,folklore,filmstudy,painting and then moving on to scientific articles from various departments.Currently the 2nd volume of Daksha is being molded and will be unveiled soon.

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