The College Council is a statutory body consisting of the principal, the manager’s nominee, the various heads of departments, two elected members of the teaching staff and the administrative Assistant. The Council conducts a regular assessment of curricular and co-curricular activities in the campus and make relevant proposals concerning planning and development.

Council Members  
Dr. Suman Alexander Principal (Chairperson)
Jiji Peter Head, Dept. of English
Dr. John Panicker V Head, Dept. of Oriental Languages
Dr. Jino Nainan Head, Dept .of Mathematics
Dr. Fergy John Head, Dept. of Physics
Dr. Francis Chacko Head, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Archana G R Head, Dept. of Botany (Secretary)
Dr. Rani S Dharan Head, Dept. of Zoology
Sreelakshmi Jayan Head, Dept. of Political Science
Dr. Sumi Alex Head, Dept. of Commerce
Beena G P Elected Representative
Dr. Manu V Elected Representative
Dr. Paul John Librarian
Mr. Johnson Koshy Junior Superintendent Sr. Grade (in charge)

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